Signature Wedding music.
Stylish Event music.


Brides and grooms usually have song requests and I am ready to fulfill their wishes. Please do not hesitate to suggest anything that you would like to be performed on your special wedding day. I am open to any suggestions you may have and will do anything to satisfy your wishes. I play in both open and closed spaces so if your wedding is on the terrace-that is a wonderful idea to have a musician/s play in front of your guests while they mingle or sit waiting for the ceremony. There are lots of popular and classical songs that may be played during the wedding ceremony depending on your taste.

Events & Galas

​Whether it is an event or gala-you may want to hear some love music to be performed by professional and highly educated musicians. Please contact me and let me know what musical style you would like to be performed on your special occasion. We musicians are delighted to be part of such wonderful event that you host because we want to make your event more special and want to make that day a memorable one. Candles, flowers, food, laughter, and music-this all contributes to the romantic atmosphere and positive feelings on your special event/gala.  

Parties & Celebrations 

I love to play on the parties and various celebrations. If there is a birthday party for someone-music will contribute to that special day for someone. If there is a special celebration-a good idea is to have a musician that will participate with her/his musical ideas. You are welcome to express any requests that you may have for your special party or celebration or both. I will be glad to be a part of it and will do my best to make this day the most relaxing and enjoyable for everyone's ears.