Wedding in Silver Springs State Park on December 13 (Friday), 2019

There are so many beautiful venues in Central Florida, from parks, gardens to hotels, ballrooms, and lakes, really such variety and lots of opportunities for the couples to chose their dream wedding. So, one of these is Silver Springs State Park. I had some driving to do (coming from Orlando) but that nature-water within the park, plus beautiful weather that we had that day. The only downside was that it was cold and I had to play with my fingers becoming ice-pieces.:) It was worth it, though because they liked my playing, the bride was (as usually brides are) gorgeous in the wedding dress and we had nice communication before the wedding (about song choices, set-up, person who will give me the signs). Guests and I had to walk from the Ceremony site to the cocktail area but it wasn't too much of walk (the cart that was suppose to transport us was in delay so we decided to walk). Such beautiful nature! Congratulations to happy and beautiful couple! :)

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