Nice wedding in Leu Gardens on December 5, 2019

This wedding happened in beautiful Leu Gardens surrounded by all kinds of amazing trees and plants. I played at this often chosen venue for weddings many times. The weather at this time of the year

was chilly but sunny and without any wind so I didn't have to worry about my pages flying everywhere (although I have wind-clips it is still uncomfortable under such conditions to turn pages, change papers of one song to another song when it is windy). I enjoyed it playing very much, this was Latin wedding with couple of couples from N. America. There were very friendly and kind to me bu saying how nice I play and the planner was very friendly and helpful by telling me details of the bridal party that was going down the isle. I even met a photographer there who was was photographing just couple of weeks ago on another wedding that I also played on so that was interesting and funny at the same time. I wish many happy years in their marriage to newly weds-Congratulations! :)

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