Engagement on January 12, 2019 in Dr.Philips

Engaged couple and Pepina with violin

This was engagement for this gorgeous couple soon to be weed. I was in contact with the future groom who was very clear in stating what he wants. The special song was supposed to be played just for future bride-her favorite song. I am little under pressure in these situations when I know that this moment needs to be perfect. Everything else can fall apart and not be perfect but the most important moment of kneeling down with that special song needs to be perfect so I tried my best finding that song online. I had pretty tough time finding this and other songs (it is very challenging to find the songs when they are not widely known or are old and not so much heard by the newer generations). At the end, that part was perfectly done from my side (relief) and future groom was satisfied and future bride was delighted to hear the song and because of all that he did for her in preparation of engagement. There were flowers everywhere on the dock-we were surrounded by the lake, it was pretty windy-oh, well (it's not my first time to play in weather condition like that). Luckily-none of my precious hard-to find music ended up in water thanks to clips that were holding music firmly on the stand! There were photos hanging on the dock and beautifully arranged table with the light food to celebrate this really special occasion. I was very amused and enjoyed playing-Congratulations to happy and young couple!! :-)

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