String quartet for the wedding in the Maitland Arts Center on March 31, 2018

This was interesting wedding that took place in the Maitland Arts Center on March 31. The wedding couple asked for the string quartet to play on their special day. It was wonderful to see all the guests that chatted in relaxed atmosphere under the tent. The rain that was constantly sipping made this event more exciting. We-musicians had to be very careful with our instruments and music to be kept undamaged and in good condition. I very much like when people respect music and like to have more musicians on their wedding day. There are wedding couples that prefer three or four people play together to make richer sound (different instruments complement each other) and visually appealing while other couples prefer only one musician to make the atmosphere more intimate so it is really personal preference. Congratulations to this couple on their marriage and wishing them many happy years to come!

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